Changing the Rules.
Redefining the Game.


Electric Bikes designed to get you through
Snow, Sand, and the Urban Jungle.

The absolute best electric bikes value for adventurers and thrill seekers or for simply getting to the store in- style and with the right carbon footprint for that half gallon of milk.


We stake our claim that there is no electric bike company that brings a better product at our price to the US market than Defiant. From the finest power kits in the industry as acclaimed globally, to the craftsmanship found in our frames and wheel sets, you can be confident about the value represented in purchasing a Defiant Electric Bike.

Now we can go 15 to 20 miles per hour on snow-covered trails and roads while still getting a terrific workout.
— Crowd Supply
Commute all winter, ride to your favorite deer stand, ride over anything, this e-Fat bike is extremely capable.
— Bike Rumor
After just a few rides, I feel I’ve found my “do everything” bike.
— Nicolas Will, Humdinger & Sons
Incredible traction on any surface and a ride unlike any other.
— Manitoba Fat Bike