We havE a true passion for bikes.


At Defiant, our entire orientation is truly a labor of love when it comes to our company and our products.  A passion play for bikes, for sustainable, sensible practices, for getting from here to there with sweat and clean, electric power.



Heath Holste – Chief Product Officer:

Heath is a fanatic about anything with wheels.  He can pull them apart and put them back together again with a single hand while the other holds his favorite IPA.  Heath is obsessed with a finely tuned and crafted bike, motorcycle or car and has a near encyclopedic memory for parts & specifications.  Heath oversees all aspects of Defiant Production. High School Nicknames - Wenkel (for being overly complex and detailed to the point of being a nerd, Heath’s German) Wheelie – At one point in his life, before age set in he was able to downshift in a wheelie, stop and then accelerate.

Jonathan Dombek – Co Founder:

An Engineer by profession and mountain bike freak by passion, Jonathan is a bulldog tearing at an electric motor and riding through the rugged back roads of his beloved Washington State.  He ripped into the technical aspects of designing and building our electric bikes as only an Engineer could.  Jonathan has been a small business owner for over 15 years and has direct and channel sales experience.

Kevin Spreng – Co Founder:

Avid cyclist and Entrepreneurial Law and Emerging Company Attorney, Kevin is enamored with getting businesses going.  He is the classic “Start-Up Junkie” who actually gets paid for his passion.  Kevin has been practicing Law for more than 20 years in the Twin Cities and was previously General Counsel of Crescendo Ventures.

Greg Heinemann – Co Founder:

Committed Roadie aficionado and acclaimed Marketing savant.  Corporate behemoths and scrappy startups alike have turned to Greg for over 30 years to help them build or reengineer their brands and launch companies and products.  Greg has founded several successful Marketing Services firms, and is currently a Founder/Investor in four start-ups, including Defiant.  Greg is on the Board of three companies and operates his branding hub, Titus Oates LLC in Minneapolis.

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